How To Tell If A Filipino Girl Likes You At A Glance

If you are following a Filipino girl but are not aware whether she likes you or not, the situation may get complicated with time. You may not be able to decide whether to approach or not. But if you know the signs that a girl present when she likes you, it will be easier to make the next move.

Here we have highlighted few signs that you can observe with her body language:

• She plays with her hair:

The biggest sign that a Filipino girl will show when she likes you is her fingers running on her hair. In most cases, girls do this subconsciously; if you talk to her about it, you will notice that she was not even aware of it. This is the easiest to spot sign when the girl is internally having some positive feeling about you. Before she expresses her thoughts with her gesture or words, her twirling fingers will show the signs.

• She looks down:

Here is another piece of sign about her hidden feelings. If you look at her, she will instantly look down. This is considered as the sign of submission from her side, and at this moment she allows you to approach. Sometimes you may observe the Filipino girl looking to the side; this is a sign of uncertainty in her thoughts. However, if you have the tact to turn her mind towards you, you may succeed in this case as well.

• Dilated pupils:

This may seem little surprising, but there is a proven fact behind this sign. Whenever we look at something, we desire, out pupils naturally get dilated. So, if her pupil gets dilated after looking at you, it means you have turned out to be her priority. However, this is not true when the girl is already on drugs, or you are in a dark room. Otherwise, dilated pupils are the most common sign that even she cannot control.

• Pointed towards you:

If a girl wants you or likes you, her feet will be directed towards you. It is a common concept that whenever we are focused towards something, our feet are naturally aligned towards that person or thing. In case if her feet are pointed towards the exit, it is better to get out of it because she is not interested in you.

• She loves to be close to you:

When a Filipino girl likes you, she may try to find opportunities to be close to you. When you are talking, she may try to stand or sit little closer to you. She will try to make her easily approachable and will be positioned towards you. If you find these signs, it is the right time to say what you feel about her.

• She stares at you:

When she is interested, you may often catch her staring at you. Indeed, she tries to check you out time and again and this is a solid sign of her affection towards you. If you observe this gesture, it is good to get closer.