Dating a Filipina Lady: What That Means to You.

Women in the Philippines are brought up very different from women who grow up in America. Therefore, if you happen to be interested in a Filipina and she is in her early 20's, chances are she has not done much dating. It is important to understand her culture and her interests in order to get close to a lovely lady like this.

Get Ready for Karaoke

Be prepared to become a singer. This is not too hard, since usually the singing is done at a family party where the alcohol is flowing and no one is judging – much. However, family is important to your lady (see the next point) and part of family get togethers is singing karaoke.

This is a great opportunity to see how well you can connect with her family and show her you can take an interest in the things that she enjoys. Don't miss out on a prime opportunity because you don't think you have a good singing voice. After all, who does when it comes to karaoke?

Family and Religion Are Strong Influences

For a Filipina, family and religion came first until just recently. They are still very high on her list, but now that she is older she is finding a way balance those influences with her desire to find someone to have a relationship with.

If you happen to be her choice, be flattered but also be prepared to have to share her attention. This is not negotiable. If you want all of your woman's attention, you aren't going to be happy with a Filipina. However, if you are prepared to get to know her family, understand what makes them happy and make an effort to connect with her loved ones, then you may be on the right track to making this relationship work.

Don't Go Too Far Too Fast

Women in the Philippines are not interested in being touched or kissed early on in the relationship. Therefore, if you are looking for sex on the first or second date, look elsewhere. And while we are talking about it, when you do get to a point where she will have sex with you, it isn't going to be swinging from the ceilings, kinky and crazy. That doesn't fit with the way she was raised or taught to expect sex to be.

Be Polite Yet Funny

It is important to be yourself when you are dating someone. However, there are certain aspects of your personality that it is ok to let free if you are dating a Filipina. Those are your tendency to be polite (this is a welcome sign of respect in her country) and also to share your humor. Telling jokes and showing your sense of humor are a good idea in a budding relationship with a lady from the Philippines.

Understanding what is important to someone from another background is the key to success in interracial dating. Therefore, you have to be open minded and ready to learn. You have to show interest and let them know you understand their culture. Then, you can be successful in efforts to find love across cultural boundaries.