Filipino Courtship Customs

One important challenge that every type of relationship faces is learning to understand the customs of the other person’s culture. This is particularly true for any man who is interested in finding a Filipina bride. Traditionally, courtship is for a long period of time - often several years - before marriage. The growth of online dating services that connect men with their ideal Filipina wife often focus more on love at first sight and skip courtship altogether. If you are seeking love through an online connection site, there are still a few courtship customs which you can fast-track and utilize in your relationship.

Start With a Casual Date

It is not traditional for a newly introduced couple to go out alone in the Filipino culture. Due to the aspects of Internet dating today, an independent date may be the only option. As such, keep first date casual. Let it be an opportunity where you and your potential mate can connect and learn more about each other. Remember the physical touch is not necessarily required and you should respect the boundaries of your Filipina woman and let her guide you into those aspects.

Expand Dates in Style and Frequency

Assuming the first date is a success, you will want to expand the types of dates in the frequency of those states that you take your Filipina woman on. Filipina women are very patient and appreciate a man who is willing to put in the time to court them properly. Continue to plan discrete dates where you can spend time together and get to know each other but keep your expectations for any form of intimacy minimal. As long as she seems to be engaged and interested in you, you can increase the number of your dates and help build that rapport between you and your woman.

Go Public

The discrete nature of the Filipino culture is one of the many reasons why individuals will date discreetly for several months before making their relationship public. If you have intentions of seeking out engagement and marriage then it may be time to make your relationship known to friends and family. Keep in mind that according to Filipino culture, it is common to spend time with the family and also court them just as you would their daughter. This shows them that you are serious about the potential relationship which you can have with her and providing for her for the future.

Get Engaged and Plan for Marriage

The next step in courtship is to take the right step toward a future. Filipina women expect you to ask for her hand in marriage from the parents. This is an important part of the culture and a sign of respect. Be sure to consult with the family and include them in the engagement process. As you plan the wedding, it is recommended to take note of additional customs which the family heeds as part of their religious and cultural beliefs. As someone who is not Filipino, it will be necessary for you to learn to embrace these aspects of the culture and customs for a successful relationship.