5 Details to Include in Your About Me Section

Any single who has spent some time getting around interracial dating central has noticed that not all profiles are created equal. A natural turn off and a sure fire way to hinder your results with Filipino dating is to skimp on your About Me section. This is the single opportunity to show a potential match what you are all about – and “wow” them enough to contact you. Simply writing things like “I’m an open book, ask me anything” and “I work X job and have three kids” does not suffice in the world of modern dating. If you want to nail your online profile About Me section, here are five details you should include.

1. Two Sentence Introduction: First and foremost, sum yourself up in two sentences. This two sentences will be the difference between a user who reads the rest of your section and profile, or who moves on. Your first two sentences should highlight who you are, what you are looking for, and one detail about yourself. For example: I’m Ken, a 40-year old contractor born in New York who resides in California. I’m divorced with no kids and looking for that one woman who wants to be spoiled and enjoy honest companionship for the rest of our lives.

2. Three Sentences About Your Achievements/Goals: The next few sentences should be in their own paragraph and highlight your achievements or goals in life. Keep it simple by including those details that are most important to defining who you are as a person. For example: I have a degree in carpentry and love building unique items like benches and cabinets in my free time. I hope to one day own my own contracting business. For now, I have an amazing stable job that keeps my nights and weekends free.

3. Two Sentence Story/Memory About Yourself: The best way to engage a person reading your profile is to say something funny about yourself. You want to keep this short and open-ended so that it prompts the reader to message you and ask a question. An example of this might be: I’m very adventurous. One night I asked a crossdresser singing on the corner to get a bat out of my apartment – let me buy you a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you the funny story behind it.

4. Identify Who You are and What You Want in a Relationship: Your potential match needs to get the full picture of you. Therefore, your next short segment in your profile should be about who you are and what you want in your interracial relationship. For example: I’m a loyal companion who loves the simple life. I’m seeking a long term relationship with an individual who shares my views and lifestyle choices.

5. Define Your Ideal Match: Finally, the last two sentences should define your ideal match. Be specific – but not too specific. You don’t want to deter someone by saying something like “I prefer blue eyes” when the reality is that this detail is irrelevant to true love. An example of what you might write is: My ideal match is a woman who enjoys the outdoors, is low maintenance, and likes the idea of having a big family. I want someone who is nurturing, caring, and a good listener.